SUCCESS STORY: Federal Agency Uses CTI’s Print Management Services to Improve Service, Reduce Purchasing, Invoicing, and Administrative Work by 80 Percent.

The client

The office had 143 copiers from 5 manufacturers and 12 different models. The department was dealing with multiple service vendors and multiple invoices per month.

The challenge
  • There were 143 invoices per month (1,716 per year) that needed to be processed and verified from multiple vendors.
  • It was time consuming to collect meter reads, hard to determine when equipment needed supplies, and there was no valid data to substantiate user's requests for upgrades and newer equipment.
  • The key operator, the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) needed training on using the fleet management software tool that CTI installed to manage all of the copiers in the building.
  • There were too many copier models installed which made it harder to maintain adequate supplies on hand.
cti solution
  • CTI installed new, up-to-date equipment models, complete with all security requirements, and linked new equipment to client’s current network.
  • CTI placed technicians onsite to service all brands of copiers, under one contract.
  • CTI offered an Operating Lease under a fixed price contract with all consumable supplies included.
  • CTI installed fleet management software that reported usage comparisons between devices to determine what upgrades needed to be made on each machine.
  • Trained Key Operator to manage the new fleet management software tool and to enter and manage service calls in the secure web portal.
  • On-site delivery of supplies reduced costs and eliminated waste.
The results

CTI standardized equipment to one manufacturer and three models and reduced downtime by using fleet management software. Invoicing was reduced to one invoice a month under lease. The new contract included built-in flexibility to allow upgrades and downgrades based on changing needs. Customer received quarterly reports about volume, service call frequency, and uptime of the machines.