SUCCESS STORY: US Army uses CTI Print Management Program to Improve Response Time for Critical Equipment while Cutting Costs.

The client

The Customer had over 1,000 printers and fax machines from ten different manufacturers and there was no centralized method for maintaining the machines.

The challenge
  • Needed to escort 10 different technicians for the various vendors of equipment installed.
  • Too many vendors to keep track of and hard to maintain a high level of service.
  • High repair costs, high supplies costs, and unpredictable yearly cost for maintenance and supplies.
  • High administrative costs, several contracts and invoices to track and pay monthly.
  • Too many supplies in stock, toners expired before getting used and parts were discarded when new equipment was purchased.
cti solution
  • CTI installed all security requirements and integrated remote fleet management software to manage energy usage and optimizations for each machine.
  • CTI provided one technician that could service multiple brands of machines who obtained clearance with the customer.
  • CTI reduced yearly costs by 35%.
  • Consolidated invoicing to one fixed amount per month.
  • CTI provided on-time supplies replenishment and kept an on-site inventory stocked with parts and supplies.
The results

CTI completed the first 5 year contract satisfactorily and with no cost overruns. Contract was done on a fixed monthly price which was updated every year based on the new equipment purchased. Equipment was purchased directly from other sources and CTI was in charge of servicing it. On average, 99% of the machines were up and running at all times.