SUCCESS STORY: Agency Reduces Costs by $900,000 through a CTI Managed Print Services Program

The client

The Agency had close to 1,100 copiers/printer/facsimile/scanner machines from six copier manufacturers, 4 printer vendors, and 4 facsimile manufacturers.

The challenge
  • When equipment needed service, customer had to escort 14 different technicians at any given time to repair the equipment.
  • Constant downtime and difficultly determining what machines had been repaired and when.
  • High repair costs, high supplies costs, and unpredictable yearly cost for maintenance and supplies.
  • Several contracts and invoices to track and pay monthly.
  • Stock supplies expired or were discarded before getting used.
cti solution
  • CTI provided two on-site technicians that could service multiple brands of machines and obtained a contractor badge that granted clearance at the customer sites.
  • CTI reduced yearly costs by 45% and consolidated the service and supplies into one fixed monthly fee.
  • Consolidated invoicing to one fixed amount per month for all 1,100 machines.
  • CTI provided on-time supplies replenishment and kept an on-site current inventory of parts and supplies readily available.
  • CTI gave users the choice of calling the internal help desk, logging on to a dedicated portion of the CTI web site, or calling CTI directly for service requests.
The results

Customer surveys showed user satisfaction increased significantly, and placing technical staff on-site shortened downtime. Supplies cost decreased with the agency consolidating all purchases through one contract, which resulted in estimated savings of about $900,000 over the contract life.