SUCCESS STORY: Telecommunication Company selects CTI to Automate the Processing of its Vendor Contracts with Cost of Implementation Recovered in the First Year.

The client

A Telecommunications company with 3.5 million customers.

The challenge

The company used several vendors as part of its daily business operations. The company created new contracts, added to existing contracts, and renewed expiring contracts, on a daily basis. Due to the inefficient methods used to store and retrieve the contract information, employees spent hours each day retrieving the data.

cti solution

CTI captured all of the relevant information on existing contracts and categorized the data so users could access only the information they needed based on vendor ID, project code, location, or contract number. Timeliness of the information was greatly enhanced as each contract became available after 24 hours of activation. Finally, CTI trained the customer’s internal staff on scanning operations under the new system.

The results

The company estimated the time spent retrieving contract information was reduced by 75% and the company recovered its investment on the new system in less than a year.

"This project was successful because the data retrieving time was reduced by 75%, and our company recovered the cost of this project in less than a year."