Managed Print Services

Managed Network Services

CTI’s Managed Network Services group offers a complete range of remote and on-site IT services for all businesses. CTI’s programs require no additional infrastructure or staffing investment and each program is customized to best meet the client’s needs and budget.

CTI’s IT Programs Include:

  • IT Managed Help Desk that provides a call-answering, troubleshooting, and call-logging service to solve desktop and portable computer issues
  • Domestically-based Call Center, 24x7x365 with 55 Full Time Employees
  • Supports all standard and several non-standard applications
  • All triage information is logged in the knowledge base to ensure that future calls are resolved efficiently

IT Program Supports:

  • Servers (Windows)
  • Workstations
  • Switches
  • Router
  • Firewalls
  • Printers and MFD equipment
  • MAC Support
  • OS X Core
  • Custom applications with support documentation supplied by customer
    • Internet/Network Connectivity
    • Desktop peripheral hardware
    • Printers and MFD equipment
    • Keyboards
    • Monitors
    • Mouse
    • Barcode reader
  • Mobile Devices
    • Blackberry
    • Palm Treo
    • Windows Mobile
    • iPhone & iPad

In addition we offer support for

  • Backup Disaster Recovery – CTI Vault
  • Server and end-point backup.
  • Back up of file structure and native MS Exchange and SQL databases.
  • Restore is not hardware dependent.
  • MS Exchange Plug-in
  • MS SQL Server Plug-in
  • Revision Rules Plug-in
  • File Retention unlimited

“With CTI’s program in place, I no longer have to spend time on IT issues and I can focus on my business.”

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